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Momentum Rolfing est. 2013

Matt Lombard, owner 

Matt Lombard is a Certified Advanced Rolf® Practitioner who has received accredations in Germany, Brazil and the United States. As a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement Practitioner®, Matt practices Rolfing ® Structural Integration with an emphasis on strategic movement techniques and education. 

Our Method
The Rolfing Method was created by Ida Rolf in 1960.  It consists of a series of pressures and movements created to help the body recover its ease of movement, balance and stability around a central core or "midline".  At Momentum Rolfing, we adhere to a "classic" rolfing technique and 10 series.  We also include movement training and at home excercies, customizing each session according to the needs of the client to provide maximum opportunities for healing.
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